LaTeX beamer how-to

Screenshot - LaTeX presentation using the Beamer classWhy not produce a presentation using a WYSIWYG editor (like MS Powerpoint)? For the same reasons you won't write your publications or books in MS Word. Coding your presentation in LaTeX with the 'help' of the beamer class makes the task easy, especially if you already have some experience with TeX scripting.

Beamer is a LaTeX class which provides a lot of easy-to-deploy commands, tricks, templates and libraries for producing presentations. I was searching the web for an easy-to-follow and use application of it, but this process wasn't very straightforward, so when I finally compiled a LaTeX presentation, I thought it might be useful to make the source code publicly available. Therefore, the attached documents are only good for beamer beginners (since they are the result of my first LaTeX presentation tryout).

If you are using MiKTeX in WinEdt, my source code should be considered as plug and play! There is no need to download the beamer class, WinEdt will do it for you automatically (during compilation time). My sense is that in any modern LaTeX setup scenario the .tex source file provided (see below) should compile OK. Try it for yourself and let me know if there's a problem.

All the files for this sample presentation (a .tex file and 2 figures) are included in this archive:
Presentation using beamer class in LaTeX

The final outcome, in case you want to check first what you can get out of LaTeX, is this pdf file:
LaTeX presentation pdf