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I am currently based at the Computer Science Department of University College London. My primary research focus is the transformation of user-generated content created by online activity (social media, search queries etc.) to collective or personalised inferences as well as enhanced interpretations of human behaviour. I am therefore interested in interdisciplinary research tasks that can bring together the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Statistics and Natural Language Processing with various aspects in the domains of Health, Social Sciences and Economics.

Recent news snippets

  • [08/09/2016] I am co-organising a WSDM 2017 Workshop on Mining Online Health Reports. Submission deadline: 11/11/2016
  • [06/09/2016] I am giving a lecture at the "Big Data and Networks in Social Sciences" summer school (September 21-23 at the University of Warwick). Registration is free.
  • [03/08/2016] Some of my recent research outcomes have been featured by the EPSRC
  • [14/04/2016] We have launched a beta version of our Flu Detector that uses Google search query data to monitor influenza-like illness rates in England (the inference method is based on this paper)
  • [11/04/2016] Presentation of our paper on infectious intestinal disease surveillance from social media (Digital Health conference at WWW '16)
  • [08/03/2016] Invited talk and guest lecture at the University of Copenhagen
  • [05/12/2015] Paper that proposes a method for inferring the socioeconomic status of social media users was accepted at ECIR 2016 [poster]
  • [22/09/2015] Paper that proposes a method for estimating user income levels from social media content and conducts a qualitative analysis on the outputs published in PLoS ONE
  • [03/08/2015] Paper that significantly improves influenza-like illness prevalence modelling from search query logs published in Nature Scientific Reports [blog post]
  • [02/07/2015] Paper that proposes a method for estimating the impact of a health intervention via user-generated web data published at Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery [blog post]
  • [01/06/2015] $50,000 sponsorship by Google to advance research on digital disease surveillance
  • [28/04/2015] Paper that presents a method for inferring the occupational class of a user based on multi-faceted Twitter activity accepted at ACL '15 [blog post]